Architecture of an Atom, directed, produced, written, performed and created by JULIACKS in collaboration, co-production and support of Néon (Lyon-FR) LA BOX (Bourges-FR) the Atomic Center (Winnipeg-CAN) the Moderna Museum (Malmö-SWE) the Crack Comics Festival (Rome-ITA) and many others is a transmedia polyphonic science fiction love tragedy and gesammtkunstwerk whose structure is based upon that of an atom containing a feature film, a comix art book and a series of ‘infinite whistle’ performance films about the fantasies and self created conflicts of groups. The story shows an ensemble of adult children that move into an abandoned pool in the French Alps. There they develop a brief utopia. In the midst of survival, two members of the group (co-dependent best friends forever) uncover a syncretic psycho-magical 'placebo object,' the infinite whistle, that incites, refracts and destroys the couple, shattering the whole.


October 31, 2014 : Moderna Museum of Stockholm, Sweden
November 26, 2014 : Ace Art Space presented by Winnipeg Video Pool, Winnipeg, Canada
February 19-March 16, 2015: Cinema Dynamo at Centre d'Art Contemporain of Geneva, Switzerland
March 20, 2015 : Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, France
April 10th, 2016: Screening of feature film, Architecture of an Atom
at MOMA PS1 in New York City.
May 17-29, 2016: Potlatch, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Executive Producer, Writer & Director: JULIACKS


Co-Producers: Néon Gallery, LA BOX, Florian Micheli

Featuring: Anna Barie, Vanessa Bonnet-Delmond, Raphael Defour, Jean Louis Delorme, Veronika Driedger, Zen Jefferson, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Sari T.M. Kivinen, Jane Rhyu, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Juliacks

+ Josefin Alfredson Agnestig, Sam Creely, Delf, Rami, Chris Sabel, Alison Vargo as Infinite Whistles

Writers: Juliacks, co-writing of characters with featured actors. Original story concept: Juliacks & Amy Johnson.

Editor: Jeanne Applegate

Cinematography: Jake Russell

Assistant Director: Hayley Quentin

Gaffer: Thomas Collomb 1st Camera Assistant: Charly Cailloux Electrician: Valentin Rocher 2nd Camera Assistant: Simon Moirot

Sound Recording: Benoit Pallandre, Rodolphe Kay Sound Design: Rodolphe Kay, Benoit Pallandre, Jeanne Applegate Sound Mix: Benoit Pallandre


+ Family Underground Lichens MAG Gaerra Manuel Cascone {Roy Boswell, Sanna Lehto, Julian Parker, Emilia Pennanen, Jone Takamäki}

Production Coordinator: Herbert Ploustoc Production Development Coordinator: Jessica Cook

Costume Designers: Florian Emma, Sarah Griffiths, Baptiste Odet, Jeannine Han Make up design: Camille Granger

Script Supervisor and French/English translator: Nico Poisson

Catering: Sati Faulks, Chloe Bonnard, Charles Petit, Felicite Landrivon, Camille Milot, Flora Graioni, Fabien Gavoille

Production Photography: Sati Faulks, Hayley Quentin, Camille Granger

Post-production assistant: Arthur Barbe Pre-Production Assistant & Co-organizer of presentation at Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon: Louisa Degommier Co-Organizer & Translator of French-English Texts for presentation at Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon: alias Shia LaVache

Figurants: Chloé Bonnard, Felicite Landrivon, Nancy Terrasson, Ezechiel Burel, Guillaume Medioni, Lisa Deroux, Pierre Lule, Romaine Etienne,

Generous Support and Thanks to: -GrrrndZero in Lyon -Panavision Rhone Alpes -École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon -Manitoban Council for the Arts -Department Piscines de la ville de Lyon -L'Association Régionale Rhône-Alpes des Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux -Rock and roll vengeance -Jonathan Grandcollot -Flora Graioni & Ludwig Lechere -Delphine Passadori -Karen Rudd -See more individual support !


Co-Producers: Atomic Center

16 mm Cinematography: Steven K. Johnson Gaffer: Marcel Kreutzer 1st Camera Assistant: Josh Marr Explosion Effects: Tim Harding

Generous Support and Thanks to: -William F. White International -Winnipeg Film Group


Co-Producers: Isabella Rodriguez, Film Produktions Gotland

Featuring: Hanna Gyllin, Gilson Brito, Amanda Kujuansuu, Emanuel Perpåls, Esmeralda Lundén, Henrik Åkerlund, Moa Degerfält, Pauline Östner, Helene Adler Wahlberg, Dan Liljeblad, Ellen Heiling, Adam Heiling, Ingrid Heiling, Jonas Larsson Grönström, Agnes Branting, Aron Junker, Sofia Eriksson, Simon Rosen , Konstantinos Erlandsson, Fatima Syed , Ylva Hellgren

Cinematography: Joshua Aylett 1st Camera Assistant: Kevin Luna Sound Recording: Angers Ingmarsson Production design: Amy Johnson

Costume Designer and Art Department Assistant: Molly O'Connell Location/Set manager: Nicklas Brito Film production coordinator: Pierre Wilen

Art and Set Production Assistant: Sandra Valenca

Generous Support and Thanks to: - Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - FilmCentrum Stockholm -Maskinlyft AB-Erik Granath -Holms glasmästeri -Statoil Broväg Visby -Fricks biluthyrning -Region Gotland -Roger Koskela -Tova Rosvall -Anders Ingemarsson -Roma Grus AB -Peter Dunesson -Gottlans Katthem 9 Live -Anette Rosberg and Sverker Halling


Co-Producers: Valerio Sciatto, the Crack Comics Festival

Co-written: JULIACKS & Amy Johnson Cinematography: Amy Johnson Generous Support and Thanks to: - Chantal Malambri


Co-Producers: Stonybrook University's 20/20/20 Killer Film Program
-Southampton Arts, Stony Brook Southampton Graduate Program in Digital Filmmaking: Robert Reeves, Magdalene Brandeis, Simone Pero, Annette Handley-Chandler, Dano Pizzuti-Krogman, Carla Caglioti, Nick Mangano, Christian McLean, Kathie Russo, Jordan Roberts.
-Killer Films: Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler, Brad Becker-Parton, David Hinojosa, Julia Oh and the Killer Interns

Cinematography: Kevin Kuo Assistant Director: Sunrise Tippeconnie 1st Camera Assistant: Michelle Ngo Sound recording: Phebe Szatmari

Script supervisor: Jeanne Applegate Art dept. assistant: Jill Campbell Hat design: Laura Miller

Featuring: Tony Groutsis, Jill Campbell Mentor: Ashley Maynor Visiting Production Specialists: Sunrise Tippeconnie, Lauren Wolkstein, Matthew Yaggy Locations: Cathy Zimmermann Driver: Patrick Dunn

Generous Support and Thanks to: -the Suffolk County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Office of Film and Cultural Affairs -Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Southampton -John Waldron and Southampton Campus Facilities Staff -Stony Brook University Police Department -Fran J. Gandia and Stony Brook Procurement Office -Canon USA -Margaret Grigonis and Adrienne Unger -230 Elm Catering Company -Dorothy Lichtenstein.


Co-Producers: Sam Creely, Tony Groutsis

Featuring: S. Creely, Tony Groutsis, Kaitlin Kaufman, Vivien Gaddum, Florian Micheli, Annick Tholl, William Vickery. 8mm Cinematography: JULIACKS Generous Support and Thanks to: - Millenium Film Workshop


Co-Producers: ALT_CPH Featuring: Kolbeinn Karlsson + Nicolas Thorsen, Claudia Wagner de Castro, Sofie Amalie Andersen, Skylar Bee. Cinematography: Mikael Lindahl Production Assistant: Lisa Grubb

Generous Support and Thanks to: -Anna Frost -Stein Thorsteinsson Family -George & Susan Stein


Co-Producers: Moderna Museum

Featuring: Kolbeinn Karlsson + Sindri Leifsson, Julia Bjornberg, Cinematography: Mikael Lindahl Production Assistant: Lisa Grubb Moderna technical staff: Stefan Winroth

Generous Support and Thanks to: -Julia Bjornberg & John Peter Nilsson -Audience of the performance at The Supersurrealism exhibition -Malmo Fencing Society


Co-Producers: 360m3 gallery, GrrrndZero

Featuring: Anna Barie, Tchivett + Louisa Degommier, Delphine Passadori, Nico Lefebvre, Roman Cordova, Cinematography: Philippe Zerr, Zhenqian Huang

Generous Support and Thanks to: -Benjamin Testa -Julien Cruzet, Monica Restrepo, Xavier Stentz, Zhenqian Huang, Arianne Foks - Audiences of the three performances in the fall of 2012. -Rue Burdeau -Gerland


Co-Producers: Sari TM Kivinen Featuring: Sari TM Kivinen + Elina Lappalainen, Mia Molin, Jasmin Molin, Gemma Tweedy Cinematography: Santtu Suvitaival

Generous Support and Thanks to: -Helsinki Comics Festival



Film art is an ungraspable medium that lives in our memory like a dream. Dreaming, inspired, thinking and working with the story of Architecture of an Atom since 2009, we hope you will support this project and bring it to a juicy fruition!

2012-2013 The producing crew in Lyon put on a series of fundraisers or BOOMS as we liked to call them. Here are some of the bands/artists/performances that exhibited their work in support of this film:

Anna Barie & Delphine Passadori
Agathe Max
DJ Thermos
DJTAL Humaine
Gammy Bird
House Of John Player
Jean Koko
Lilli Carré
Quentin Mossi
Quintron & Miss Pussycat
Ramona Cordova
Raphael Defour
Steven Steven Steven
Valérie Massadian

Here is a list of individuals & enterprises who have supported this work! We thank many anonymous supporters besides!

Ada Stein
Addison Kemp
Alexandra Stergiou
Andrea Caretto
Anouck Eychenne
Antoine Carle
Ben Bigelow
Ben Sherlock
Bill Kartalopoulos
Brad Becker-Parton
Brian Gabrich & Susan Quentin-Gabrich
Brian Nicholson
Cat Richardson
Cecilia deWolf
Charlene Van Buekenhout
Chloe Boreham
Chris Sabel
Daniel Vidor
David Cohen
Darcy Brislin
Deborah Kampmeier
Delphine Passadori
Diego Siqueira Carneiro da Fontoura
Eleanor Logan
Ellen Cox
Eva Aguila
Flora Graioni
Fred Stein
George Stein
Hannah Bailey
Ilana Milch
Isabel Hacker
Iturri Sosa
James Duesing
Jami Vibbert
Janis Cohen
J.M.T. Evans
Jennifer Kornder
Jennifer & Daniel Lehrman
John Carson
John Roche
Julian Parker
Julia Brav
Kathleen Amshoff
Kevin Chester Kuo
Leah Kovach
Lori Baluta
Lynn Kouf
Magdalene Brandeis
Manda Martin
Marcos Farrajota (ChiliComCarne)
Matthew Thurber
Matthew Yaggy
Melanie Lahti
Michael Pisano
Michelle Ngo
Molly Cohen
Nancy Terrason
Peter Burr
Phebe Szatmari
Ruta Sevo
Saara Ratilainen
Sam Creely
Sarah Qualman
Shane Quentin
Takehito ETANI
Tara Milch
Trash Can Music Productions
Vic Coram
Cameron Michel // Vashti Windish