The epilogue Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations, synthesizes the aleotoric and perscriptive processes of Architecture of an Atom. A circular opera, it comprises an installation, and a comic book that is also a script for a play. A version was exhibited at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 17-29, 2016.


The Play Architecture of an Atom, Epilogue: Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations- the play. 2016 64 page book. Full Color Cover and Pages. Offset printing. Edition of 300.
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Epilogue_Installation Architecture of an Atom, Epilogue: Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations - the installation. 2016
Multimedia installation, 11 paintings, 4 video projections, 1 artist book, 1 flexible sculpture, Paper floor collage. 37 minute loop.

Architecture of an Atom, Letter to the Infinite Whistle: On this walk I spotted the falls... 2016
Oil, acrylic, ink, polyurethane, latex paint, collaged cloth, spray paint on fake moleskin, 308 x 149 cm

Performance_Workshop Architecture of an Atom, Epilogue : Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations : Performance 2016
A series of four performance workshops with a cast and crew of dancers and video designers that invited the audience to become part of the creative process of devising an opera from a comic book / script / installation. The performances at De Ateliers, May 17-29, 2016 featured the collaboration of the following artists: Astarti Athanasiadou, Lars Berg, Kannakee Bhuyan, Marieke van Bueren, Matthew Carney, Renée Copraij, Tashi Iwaoka, Kalli Kouf, Abel Kroon, Winston Nanholy, Clara Saito, & Ariana Wescott.

Epilogue_Painting_DanceBalladCompulsive Architecture of an Atom, Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations : Painting 2016
Oil, Ink, Clay, Glue, Acrylic, Spraypaint, on Canvas. 198 cm x 210 cm