The 296 page book comes out in June 2017 - to be published by 2dcloud ! Pre-order online here.

Architecture of an Atom

“Excessive, mysterious, wonderful, Juliacks work takes the graphic novel to a new and more plastic dimension.” -Chris Kraus (filmmaker and author of I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor, Summer of Hate)

“ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM is a long, deep breath before a dive. It’s a Piscean tale of survival, harrowing and surreal, a dreamlike escape, a delight. Dive into this pool of misfits and watch how wreckage becomes magic, hunger becomes adventure, and human questions about love, intimacy, and community unravel and manifest in beautiful watercolors. The language matches the vibrancy of the drawings and paintings that describes a cast of characters surviving on the brink of a disaster, in the end forming a magnificent poetic experience.” -Sally Wen Mao (poet, author of Mad Honey Symposium)

'Few people mine the potential of comics form for thrilling artwork as well as Juliacks. Her work is the pure cartooning we've all wished for but have never seen exactly this way. The aesthetic punch happens through a combination of imagery and narrative that exists within a system carved out by Juliacks --and as her art continues, the system itself becomes more intricate, more intense and more beautiful.' - Austin English (Gulag Casual, Christina & Charles, The Disgusting Room)

“One, it's crazy, two, it's humanity... Haven't we all had the experience of feeling powerless or in a permanent state of discovery, when as an adult, we learn another language, or when we spend time in another culture? Our reduced vocabulary forces us to deal with a reduced level of communication. Architecture d’un Atome becomes the anatomy of a composite humanity, where the thousands of accents correspond to thousands of colours, and where perpetual movement is the guarantee of a species in good health. – Marie de Brugerolle (French art historian, and author of Guy de Cointet’s Five Sisters, Ne Pas Jouer Aved Des Choses Mortes, John Baldessari)

“the thing I read is so damn good! Juliacks is a creater of a universe. When I think of this book I think of me peaking in to this universe. A puzzle of fragmense to sort out and to understand. I read back and forward, I feel like resurcher that try to find a answer. Even if I know its not an answer, I find one. It is a 290 pages poem, I took a piece with me the other day. I hear voices and i feel smells. It frighten me, but then i get sedused and stay. I tell you it is scary, but i promise you find a way out. And if you dont, just close the book. It will always be there waiting for you to open again, aggain and again.  -Emelie Östergren ( Duke and his Army, The Evil Dress, Mr. Kenneth)

Below are selected works from in and around the comic book, showing some of the paintings, drawings, prints & installations that are containers for the comix pages.

Definite Vaccuum...       Oil, acrylic, ink, paper collage with rubber based ink, charcoal on canvas ; 245 x 200 cm ; 2016

hunger prophecy

The Hunger Prophecy [the metal]       Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Watercolor, Ink on Canvas ; 196 x 168 cm ; 2015


Border Crossing Boundaries Open       Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Watercolor, ink and paper collage on canvas, 159 cm x 288 cm, 2014

frida anonymous

Frida Wants...       Ink and Rubber based ink on double sided water lithography print on paper ; 65cm x 100cm ; 2014