ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM is a trans-media gesammtkunstwerk:
[a feature film] [a series of infinite whistle performance films] [a comic art book] [an epilogue opera]

The structure and themes of this polyphonic love story are modeled upon the form of an atom.
Architecture of an Atom shows a swim class of displaced 'adult children' escape and move into an abandoned pool in the French Alps. There they develop an autonomous zone. " Will they survive ? " their hunger hallucinates. When members of the group– best friends forever– Frida & Cohl from Winnipeg find something uncanny–a statue ? –a lady ? –a whistle? in the falls next to the abandoned pool, there seems to be an answer....

JULIACKS (director/writer/co-creator/executive producer) creates transmedia gesammtkunstwerks that unite and divide themselves through the interweaving of mediums, culture and time periods. The audience interacts with the work on several levels—literal, symbolic, visual, aural—sometimes simultaneously, at times sequentially, referencing not only the contemporary context but also artistic predecessors, archetypal elements and history.


"Juliacks is an artist whose work — crude, ornate, subjective and dreamy — is not for those who prefer their narrative crisp and tidy." -NYTIMES